How to Get Hollywood to Give Up on Hollywood’s Anti-Trump Activism

  • August 5, 2021

The Hollywood Reporter has reported that the film industry is looking to take a more “compassionate” stance toward Trump and his supporters.

According to the article, producers are concerned about the effect that the President’s “America First” agenda will have on the film world.

The Hollywood industry has been in constant contact with the White House to discuss the possibility of boycotting films, and many have expressed concern that the Administration’s rhetoric and rhetoric may affect the film sector’s ability to produce and distribute movies.

The article states that the industry is “concerned about the impact that President Trump’s rhetoric may have on film production and distribution.”

According to Deadline, a spokesperson for the Motion Picture Association of America told Deadline that the organization “will continue to support the artistic freedom of filmmakers and distributors and support the creative freedom of creators.”

The Hollywood studios’ concerns are not new.

The industry has previously been concerned that Trump’s administration may limit the number of foreign films released in the United States, including a potential crackdown on the production of American-made films in China.

Earlier this year, the Hollywood Reporter revealed that studios have “received repeated requests from studios to take additional measures to address threats to the creative freedoms of their films and filmmakers.”

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