How to spot a fake advert making tips

  • August 8, 2021

I have a couple of tips for you, because the internet is full of ads, and you may be looking for them.

If you have a fake ad that’s telling you how to buy an iPad, a new Samsung phone, or a new iPhone, these tips might help you spot them before they hit your doorstep.


The advert is in Spanish, and it’s the same type of advert.

If it’s in Spanish it means it’s an advert, but that’s not the same thing.

In the UK, for example, the ad is probably in English.

The best way to tell the difference between a genuine advert and one that’s a copycat is to look at the text and the size of the ad.

If the advert is large, that’s probably a copy, and if it’s small it’s probably an imitation.

For more on this, check out our guide to fake ads.


The text and size of this ad is different from the one you saw on the other page.

This might mean it’s a fake, or it might mean that the copy is different.

The ad could be a parody, or an advertisement for a third-party product.


The image on the ad appears to be taken from a real advertisement.

If a fake advertisement has an image, that doesn’t mean it is real.

Fake ad images can be easily faked.

They can be made to look like the real thing, and they can be faked in a variety of ways.

If your ad looks like it was taken from an ad that appears on the news, a spoof or a prank, you might be able to spot it as a fake.

If, however, the image isn’t of a real thing (and it looks like a photoshop), that means the ad was made by someone with a good eye for a good fake.

The correct answer to this question is probably a bit tricky.

There are two different types of fake ads: copycats and copycats of the same kind.

A copycat advert that is made by the same person and has the same text and a similar size will look like it’s genuine.

A fake copycat ad might be more like a spoof, but there’s still a good chance that you could spot the fake one if it looks similar to the original.

A good way to spot them is to compare the image of the advert on the original page with the image on this fake copy.

If they’re the same size, the copy appears to have been taken from the same source and the text is the same.

If either is the case, the fake copy will be more authentic.

3/6 A copy of an advert that looks like an advert.

This ad copy was taken by someone using Photoshop.

This advert has a copy of the original advert, with the text in Spanish.

This copy was created by someone who copied and pasted the original advertisement.

This fake copy looks similar in size and text to the one on the main page.

4/6 An advert that has the text ‘You have been invited’.

This advert looks similar, with similar size and copy, to the copy of a legitimate advert that you may have seen on the internet.

5/6 The text is in English, but it’s different from that of an ad in Spanish or French.

If this copy looks like the Spanish version, it’s likely to be a copy.

You may be able spot it by looking at the copy and size.

If there’s no text at all, then it’s most likely a copy from another source.

If copycats are used, it can be very difficult to tell which is which, as they tend to look the same, but they can differ in terms of text, size and tone of voice.

If an advert looks like something from the news website, it could be the real deal.

If someone with Photoshop is copying and pasting an advert from a news article and it looks very similar to an advert posted by the news organisation, it may be fake copy of real ad.

However, it is likely that you will still recognise the fake version.

A more reliable test is to check the copy against other copycats.

For example, if someone creates an advert on Facebook with the same name and image, but with a different text, you can be pretty sure it’s from another website.

6/6 Another copy of what looks like real advert.

For a copy to be authentic, it has to be the same in size, text and tone.

If its a copy you recognise, then you’ve probably seen it.

If not, you may still recognise a fake copy, but the quality of the copy might not be that good.

If fake copycats appear to be getting more and more widespread, you should look at them closely.

If their quality is getting worse, it means they’re copying from other websites.

If these sites are fake, you could be dealing with copycats who are copying from more legitimate sources, and are therefore more likely to

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