How a soap making ad got $10 million from Google and YouTube

  • August 11, 2021

It was a soapmaking ad, which, to Google, looked like it was on the way to making money.

But a lot of it was false.

The ad was produced by a soap maker named Bobbi Jones and she had already raised $5 million through a Kickstarter campaign.

The $10M it would make from Google was not enough to cover the costs.

But Jones knew how to make it look like it had been raised through a legitimate Kickstarter campaign, so she made it look as if she had.

This helped Google figure out what to pay.

A Google spokesperson said the ad had raised $7.7 million and was on track to reach a goal of $20 million by the end of the month.

That meant the company was paying out a total of $7 million.

That’s $10,000,000 more than they were going to pay out for the ad.

They had raised nearly $20M from Google.

So it was a good sign.

The company is now getting paid.

The fact that Google is paying out so much money to a soapmaker is something that we think is very good.

Google said it will pay out $10m to Bobbi and $7m to the company’s parent company, J&J Brands, and the rest will go to Jones.

This will be the largest payment of Google’s ever, a fact that will probably be forgotten about.

But it’s the most impressive thing that the company has ever done for a product, said Andrew G. McFarland, an expert in online advertising at Google.

This is a good example of what’s possible with online advertising, McFarlands said.

And the fact that they’ve been able to do it with so little funding and with so much hype behind them, and with the help of YouTube and other online platforms, is a really good sign that this kind of thing can happen in the future.

Google has been making ads that target its own products for a while, and they’ve gotten more aggressive lately.

They have a product called AdSense, which lets people sell products they have made and they make money on it.

In the case of this soap ad, Google has paid Jones more than $7,000 for the advertising space.

But there are a few things that McFarsell said that are important to remember about this particular ad.

The amount of money that Google paid out to Jones wasn’t a total.

It wasn’t the entire amount, Mcfarlands said, and it wasn’t even the whole amount that Jones raised through the Kickstarter campaign to build the ad, McAdam said.

Google paid the $7-million amount to the ad’s creator and the $5-million to the other people that worked on the ad before Jones started making the ad or the ads after Jones started.

So they were not all the money that Jones would have made in advertising.

And that money went to the makers of the ad that the ad was targeted at.

That means Google is not actually paying Jones anything for the ads she has made.

And Google paid her a small portion of the money.

McAdam and McFarlanders said that this $7+7=10,001 amount of the $10+7+5=20 million figure is a pretty small amount.

And it’s also not the full amount that Google was going to be paying out, since it’s not clear how much of this $10-million Google will pay Jones.

McAdams said Google will also pay out a portion of that money.

The rest of the amount will go towards paying Jones’s parent, J & J Brands.

This includes the $9-million that Jones already raised through her Kickstarter campaign; the $8-million she raised from YouTube and others; and the remaining $5m that Jones received from the ads that she was paid to create.

So Google is getting a portion out of the ads, but not the entire money that was raised.

So this is a big deal, McAdams and McAdam wrote.

This means that Google may have to spend more money on other things that it’s investing in, including other advertisers and services that are built around its own services.

McAnity, the ad maker, said that Google’s payouts for the companies that were involved with this ad could mean the company will need to make more money in the coming years.

McAulis said that companies that have gotten Google’s money for their ads will likely get more money from the company.

“I think we’re going to see more of these sort of deals come out,” McAnitiesaid.

He said that the companies involved with the ads might end up paying Google for the services they used to create them.

The soap makers may have gotten paid to make the ads but that didn’t mean they were getting paid for their services.

The ads were all created by the same person, McAnitesaid.

The people who created the ads may have been paid by a third party for the same services

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