How to stop your ads making advertising money, ad software makes software

  • August 19, 2021

In this week’s episode of the “Making Money” podcast, host Steve Levitt takes you on a tour of some of the biggest advertising companies in the world, and offers tips on how to stop the ad companies making your advertising money.

We look at how to get rid of those ads on the news, the grocery store, the restaurant, and on TV.

We also look at the future of digital ads and how to start selling ads on your own website.

In the last episode, we looked at the potential for Facebook to be a bigger player in the ad space, and how the Facebook acquisition of WhatsApp might impact the mobile ad market.

But this week, Levitt and co-host Michael Stelter dive into the world of ad tech, and we hear about how Facebook is using advertising technology to improve its own ads.

And, in a new segment, Levit discusses how he and his co-workers at Adweek are making money off ad tech.

(Originally aired May 11, 2018)This episode of Making Money: Free View in iTunes

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