When is a ‘bigger picture’ a good idea?

  • September 3, 2021

When is it a good notion to go to bed with someone who is obsessed with their image?

If you ask any woman in your life, chances are they have at least one of these thoughts.

While the idea of dating someone who claims to be obsessed with your image is totally normal, it’s something many people are more aware of when it comes to a romantic relationship.

So how do we know it’s not the most ideal of an idea?

It’s important to keep in mind that, even if a person does have a specific obsession, there’s no way to know whether it’s really the right one at the moment.

Here are five myths about how you should approach a potential date, based on my experience dating people who are obsessed with themselves.

Myth 1: It’s a bad idea to date someone who has an obsession with your appearance.

According to the Huffington Post, it seems that, for some men, dating a woman who claims she is obsessed only leads to a lot of “negative attention” on their reputations.

The problem is, there are many ways to make someone feel uncomfortable about themselves.

Here’s how to make sure you and your partner are on the same page.

Myth 2: It doesn’t matter if you’re dating a girl who has a “small” face or a “big” face.

A woman’s face is a major indicator of her personality.

Women are naturally more expressive and outgoing than men, and it’s important that you and the person you’re with understand that.

A little extra confidence in your appearance can make all the difference.

If a woman looks like she could be the next Kylie Minogue, you may be more comfortable dating her.

Myth 3: A woman who has no interest in you doesn’t have a problem being attracted to you.

There are people who like to dress up for parties, and women who have no interest can be easily drawn to someone who does.

If you’re attracted to someone, it doesn’t mean you’re necessarily interested in them.

For instance, a woman may be attracted to a man because he has a good sense of humor, but he is also interested in a woman.

This could lead to a relationship where the relationship is not mutually exclusive.

Myth 4: You can’t date someone with a fetish.

There’s no such thing as a fetish for a man.

You don’t have to have an obsession for men or even women, but there are certain things a man might find appealing.

For example, a guy may enjoy wearing a suit, but not necessarily because it’s sexy.

Similarly, a man who is attracted to people with a different body type may be able to relate to women who are more attracted to those who have a different size.

Myth 5: Dating someone who’s obsessed with you is bad.

Dating someone with an obsession is an extreme, but it’s an extreme we’re all familiar with.

When you’re not sure whether or not someone is an obsessive, try to think outside the box.

It’s not unusual for people to have more of an interest in their appearance than their personality, so it can be helpful to know if the person seems to be into something that you find appealing, and to make an effort to keep your interest in check.

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