The Hill: Democrats will try to keep GOP out of ObamaCare’s insurance marketplace

  • September 9, 2021

Democrats are expected to push for a government shutdown in order to keep the GOP out the Affordable Care Act’s insurance marketplaces, a top aide to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi told The Hill.

A White House official told The Associated Press on Tuesday that the GOP would be out of the ACA’s insurance markets within two weeks of a shutdown.

A shutdown would allow the House to vote on a government funding bill, but Democrats would still have to pass a bill.

A government funding deal could be passed by the Senate by Thursday, but that could take weeks.

The shutdown would leave Republicans with no choice but to try to pass another short-term funding bill before the November elections, which Democrats hope to do.

A new government funding measure would have to clear a Senate procedural hurdle to move forward.

But the White House aide said the shutdown would not be an immediate concern and that Pelosi is confident Democrats can pass a short-terms spending bill.

“We are confident that we can get something done on a short timeframe, but this is not a game changer,” the aide said.

The House is expected to vote next week on a measure to extend the government funding measures that have passed in the past, which include a spending bill to keep federal agencies funded through the end of March and funding to keep insurance premiums affordable through the middle of next year.

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