Course advertising makes courses more interesting

  • September 29, 2021

It’s a fact of life that courses are marketed, and a new study has revealed that advertising works.

Researchers from the University of Cambridge found that courses have an incentive to increase their share of sales, in the form of higher rankings on search engines, and to get people to enroll.

The study, titled The Psychology of Advertisers, found that advertisements for courses increase the amount people search for, increase the number of potential customers for courses, and increase the likelihood that students would recommend their course to their friends and family. 

The researchers said that students and prospective students who have a positive experience with a course are more likely to enrol in it. 

But, as the course market becomes increasingly saturated, this incentive is likely to diminish.

The main thing that you want to do is make your course more appealing to people, said Professor Michael Sargent, a lecturer in psychology at the University.

“There is evidence that people tend to be attracted to the higher quality courses, so if you make it more attractive you are likely to attract more people to choose it.”

Professor Sargen, who has conducted research into the psychology of course advertising, said that he hoped the findings would help inform a more balanced approach to advertising.

The students are not the audience; they are not necessarily the best customers. “

The students are the audience.

The students are not the audience; they are not necessarily the best customers. 

Students don’t have to be experts in marketing, they can be a bit of a beginner,” he said.”

I would encourage universities to work with their student body to create courses that people want to learn, and that the students are excited about.”

The next thing that I would encourage is that you are encouraging people to look at courses that are available to them and to consider what they want to get out of them.


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