How to make money online by linking ads to your content

  • July 12, 2021

Making your ads more enticing by linking to your article may sound obvious, but it’s one of the best ways to make extra money online.

Read moreAdvertisers love making money by linking their ads to a link to your website.

That link will lead to a website that will pay you.

But how much can you make by linking your content to your ads?

How much can advertisers make?

Here are some ways you can make extra cash by linking directly to your blog post.

Advertiser-specific links are also available on other types of content, such as videos and audio.

These links allow advertisers to make more money by selling ads to viewers.

Advertising dollars can be earned by linking content to an ad.

You can use these links to promote specific content, like a video on a particular topic or audio files, as long as you link to the right source.

For example, if you link the blog post, “What To Do When Your Blog Post Goes Viral” to your affiliate link, you could earn $1 per click.

You could also use the affiliate link to promote a specific video, like the “How To Build A Website That Can Pay You In 5 Minutes” video on how to make a website profitable.

For more tips on making extra money from linking to content, read AdWords and other ad tech articles.

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